1. Joseph Richard Carson and his five daughters (Chapter 6)

2. Mollie and Alfred Carson and the Roe Curtis Carson family (Chapter 8)

3. Pete Carson and John Ramsey (Chapter 7)

4. Thomas Roee and Mattie (Deaton) Carson (Chaper 5)

5. Willie Ann (Carson) Ramsey and Mollie (Doughton) Carson (Chapter 8)

6. The Phipps Family – Grandchildren of Curtis Abernathy “Turk” Carson (Chapter 9)

7. Jessie, Verna, Arvil Franklin, and Curtis Carson – Children of Pete and Martha Carson (Chapter 9)

8. Hattie Alveeta, and Joseph Franklin Carson – Children of Joseph Richard Carson (Chapter 8)

9. The children of Thomas Roe and Mattie Deaton Carson (Chapter 5)

10. Sarah Ann Swan (Carson) McDonald, Sister of Nathan Franklin Carson (Chapter 4)

11. Anna Haralson Hughes Royall, mother of Martha Gray Carson and Mary Anna Carson (Chapter 15)

12. Union Hill Church, Bryan, Brazos County, Texas

13. Alfred Burton “Burt” Carson and wife Margaret Amanda “Maggie” (Barrow) Carson with son Alfred
Doughton Carson Chapter 8)

14. Willie Ann(Carson) Ramsey with one of her sisters (which one is not known) (Chapters 4 & 7)

15. Hailey and Willie Ann (Carson) Ramsey with their family (Chapter 7)

16. Amelia Carson Barbee, Daughter of John C. Carson and sister of Nathan Franklin Carson

17. John Gaston Barbee, husband of Amelia Carson Barbee and son-in-law of John C. Carson (Chapter 16)

18. Gustavus Adolphus Ramsey, brother of Thomas Hailey Ramsey (Chapter 7)

19 William Alonzo Thompson and Henrietta Killion Thompson, grandparents of Alan Carson (Chapter 18)

20. Margaret Amanda Carson and Allen Burton Carson, grandmother and father of Alan Carson (Chapter 8)

21. Thomas Ivan Carson, Sr., wife Ola Vee (Hall) and son Thomas Ivan Jr. (Chapter 6)

22. Thomas Ivan Carson, Jr. in his USMC uniform (Chapter 6)

23. Opal Alveeta (Nelson) Leonard, Yvonne “Jinx” Stubbs, and “Tommy” Banks (Chapter 6)

24. William “Bill” Nelson, wife Jennie Olivia, and daughter Gladys Geneva (Chapter ^)

25. Opal  Alveeta (Nelson) Hanks (Chapter 6)

26. Odelia Yvonne “Jinx” (Leonard) Stubbs (Chapter 6)

27. William  “Bill” Nelson and wife Jennie Olivia (Carson) (Chapter 6)

28. Charles Starley family (Chapter 18)

29. Alan B. Carson, webmaster (Chapter 8)

30. John S. Carson of Blanco and Kendall Counties, Texas

31. Captain Alfred Burton Carson, US Army, WWI

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