SIXTH GENERATION (synchronized with the John C. Carson line)

Note: This line is being included because it is possible that John CARSON is the son of Thomas Gibson Carson Jr. and because two of his daughters married into the BOYETT family of Brazos County, Texas.  The Boyetts were a prominent family in Bryan, Texas, and intermarried with the John C. Carson family of Brazos County.

2006    John S CARSON was born on 15 March, 1786 in South Carolina. The name of his first wife is not known, but he was married to (2023) Sarah (Bates) CARSON on 10 June, 1910 in the Tombigbee area of Alabama, then Mississippi Territory. She was born in 1790 in Alabama, and died about 1817 in Alabama.  Her father was Thomas BATES. John married again before 1819 in Madison County, Mississippi, Nelly UNKNOWN. She was born about 1790 in South Carolina and died in August, 1832 in Madison County, Mississippi.

He was in the 1830 census in Madison County, Mississippi, and was in San Augustine County, Texas, between 1834 and 1844.  There are Texas land abstracts to a John S. CARSON, dated 4 March, 1845, but it is not known if that is the same John Carson. The property was in Leon County, and there was some confusion concerning whether the man involved was this John Carson or John C. Carson of Brazos County, who didn’t arrive in Leon County until the early 1850’s.

On 27 Sept., 1869, he was in Kendall County, Texas, and at the age of 83 he married (2005) Lucy Elizabeth (Davis) CARSON, who was younger than John by 54 years.  She was born on 19 September, 1840 in Christian County, Kentucky, and died on 5 August, 1927 in Kendall County, Texas. John became a recluse and lived on a ranch on the Cibolo River, 24 miles northwest of San Antonio.  He fell victim  to a young gold-digging wife (Lucy), his fourth, who lured him and all his possessions out of the town, and some Germans eventually found his decomposed body away out west of San Antonio toward Comfort or Boerne, Texas.  They buried him on the spot.  It was stated that he had a “cramp colic”, but foul play is suspected, as the “widow” then vanished.  Robert and another brother later found his horse and mule and learned of his fate.  He died either in 1874 or 1875.

He married (2015) Lucy Elizabeth (Davis) CARSON on 19 July, 1857 in Limestone County, Texas. She was born on 19 Sept., 1840 in Christian County, Kentucky, (she would have been 54 years younger than John.)  Lucy’s first husband died in the War Between the States.  They were probably married in Limestone County, Texas.  Sometime after 1866, Lucy along with her parents and her siblings moved to Comal County, Texas.  Their property was near the Kendall County line.  After John’s death, Lucy married for a third time in 1886. She died on 5 Aug., 1927 in Kendall County, Texas.

 The children of John and his first wife were:
+2007    John CARSON Jr.
2008    Betsy CARSON was born on 9 Feb., 1811
2009    Ann CARSON was born 12 April, 1813
2010    Thomas CARSON was born 19 August, 1819
2011    Jane CARSON was born 23 July, 1821
+82       Frances (Carson) BOYETT
+2004  Martha (Carson) BOYETT
2012     Amanda CARSON was born 20 Dec., 1828
2013     Joseph CARSON was born 5 May, 1830
2014     Robert CARSON was born 1 June, 1832


82      Frances (Carson) BOYETT was born in Mississippi on 26 Nov., 1823 and died in Bryan, Texas on 20 Aug., was born in Mississippi on 26 Nov., 1823 and died in Bryan, Texas on 20 Aug., 1887. Her mother was either “Nelly” or “Molly”, which doesn’t agree with the name of John S. Carson’s wife, “Sarah”.  She was in Tyler, Texas in the census of 1860, and in Bryan, Texas for the censuses of 1860, 1870, and 1880.  She was married to (139) James C. BOYETT, who was born in Tennessee in 1811 and died on 13 April, 1874.  [Please see chapter 11 on the BOYETT family].  Their children were:
+140     Thomas Pinckney BOYETT [continued in chapter 11]
    952     John Robert BOYETT was born in 1841, served in the Confederate Army and
died on 17 Dec., 1869.  He is buried in the Bryan City Cemetery, Brazos Co., Texas
+953    Martha Lucy (Boyett) GRAY
954     Phoebe (Boyett) HEARNE was born on 25 April, 1856 and lived in Bryan, Texas
955    James Cobb BOYETT [continued in chapter 11]
956     William Carson BOYETT  [continued in chapter 11]
+1975   Nathaniel L. BOYETT
989     Nancy (Boyett) COOK was born on 2 July, 1854, and married  (994)  R. A. COOK

2004    Martha (Carson) BOYETT was born on 20 Sept., 1825 in Madison County, Mississippi.  and died in Llano County, Texas (probably) between June, 1900 and April, 1910.  She was married to (2003) Nathan L. BOYETT who was the brother of (139) James C. Boyett [Please see chapter 11 for more information on the Boyett family]. In 1850 she was living in Tyler County, Texas, with her sister Frances (Carson) BOYETT. In 1860 she was living in Burleson County, Texas.  In 1880 she was living in Blanco County, Texas.  In 1900 she was living in in Llano County, Texas with (2017) Mary J. (Boyett) HAYWOOD.  Their known children were:
+2017  Mary J. (Boyett) HAYWOOD
2005  John BOYETT was born about 1862 in Texas, and was living in Burleson County, Texas in
1870.  He moved to Arizona with his cousin on his mother’s side, Silas Unknown. Silas died
of rabies from a skunk that had bitten him while he slept on the ground while herding cattle.
2024   Lucy BOYETT was born about 1860 in Texas, and was living in Burleson County, Texas
in 1870.
2025   Lucinda BOYETT was born about 1864 in Texas and was living in Burleson County, Texas
 in 1870.
2026   Samuel BOYETT was born about 1866 in Texas and was living in Burleson County, Texas
in 1870.
2027  Ellen BOYETT was born about 1869 in Texas and was living in Burleson County, Texas
in 1870.


1975   Nathaniel L. BOYETT was born in June, 1847 and  was married to (73) Martha A. CARSON, daughter of  (63) Nathan Franklin CARSON. They were married on 9 Oct., 1872 and he died in Sept., 1873,  less than a year later.  She is not buried next to him. It is not known if they had any children.


1.    Research by Patricia T. Blanchard, 13700 Judson Road, Lot #56, San Antonio, Texas 78233
and Stephen Carpenter, P.O. Box 869, Youngsville, Louisiana, 70592

2.    Letter from (2016) Lillie (Carson) PALMER to William Waller Carson of Knoxville, Tennessee,
dated 18 July, 1917.  William Waller Carson was a descendent of Thomas Gibson Carson.

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