85     Curtis “Turk” Abernathy CARSON was born on 25 Sept., 1864 in Brazos County, Texas. He appeared on the census of 1870 in Brazos County, Texas. In the census of 1900, he was in Brazos County, Texas, and his nephew Roe Curtis CARSON was living with him and his family (most likely while Roe C. CARSON attended Texas A & M). In The Centennial History of Texas A&M, he was mentioned as an employee of the A&M farm in 1907.  He died on 19 June, 1949 in Brazos County, Texas, and was buried in Boonville Cemetery, Brazos County, Texas. He had a cartage business (“drey”) in Bryan, and appeared to be quite successful. He was married to Lucy Catherine (Ramsey) CARSON on 17 Oct., 1886, in Comanche County, Texas. (164) Lucy Catherine (Ramsey) CARSON was born on 11 Oct., 1868 in Hunt County, Texas. She died on 18 Feb., 1921 in Brazos County, Texas, and is buried in Boonville Cemetery, Brazos County, Texas. It is said that this couple was fun loving – on Saturday nights they would move the furniture back and a hired band would play for a dancing party. Children of Curtis Abernathy “Turk” CARSON and Lucy Catherine (Ramsey) CARSON were:
+165     Jessie Roe (Carson) CARROLL
+166    Thomas Franklin B. “Pete” CARSON
+167     Amber Odelia (Carson) PHIPPS


165     Jessie Roe (Carson) CARROLL was born on 4 Sept., 1887 in Brazos County, Texas. She appeared on the census of 1900 in Brazos County, Texas. She died on 30 Dec., 1949 in Brazos County, Texas, and was buried in the Bryan City Cemetery, Brazos County, Texas. She was married to (947) John Marshall CARROLL on 18 Oct., 1903 in Brazos County, Texas. One source gives his death as 1935.  They lived in Brazos County, Texas.  Their children were:
+168    Alma Leora (Caroll) MAULDIN
335    Bruce CARROLL   
336    Gladys (Carroll) CRENSHAW
338    Johnny Dee (Carroll) JOLLY
339    Ruth (Carroll) HERBERT
340   Fannie Mae CARROLL

166     Thomas Franklin B. “Pete” CARSON (see photo album) was born on 16 Mar., 1889 in Brazos County, Texas and died on Feb. 8, 1956. He was married to (948) Martha Grey (Royall) CARSON on 28 Oct., 1906 in Brazos County, Texas. She was born on 25 Sept., 1891 in Brazos County, Texas. They appeared on the census in 1920 in Brazos County, Texas. Their children were:
+342   Arvil Franklin CARSON
+343   Archie Hugh CARSON
344   Thomas Bibb. CARSON
345   Jessie Verna (Carson) WILLIAMS
+346   Curtis Royster CARSON was born about 1913
 347     William Donald CARSON was born on 5 Sept., 1927 in Brazos County, Texas,
and  died on 13 August, 1949,  age 16 years.    

167     Amber Odelia (Carson) PHIPPS was born on 28 April, 1892 in Brazos County, Texas, and died on 26 Mar., 1977 in Lufkin, Angelina County, Texas. She was married to (348) David Aaron PHIPPS on 6 Feb., 1910 in Brazos County, Texas. Their known children were:
+349   Jessie Oleta (Phipps) SESSIONS
350  David Bartlett PHIPPS
    +957   Virgil Barto PHIPPS
    +958   Jack Allen PHIPPS

Webmaster note on the Phipps family, based on information from (2150) James Bartlett PHIPPS, there is a genetic issue that caused early deaths for (348) David Aaron PHIPPS, (350) David Bartlett PHIPPS,  (966) Clifford SESSIONS, and (957) Virgil Barto PHIPPS.  They all died in their mid 40’s from either a coronary occlusion or stroke related clot and heart attack.


168      Leora Carroll (Carson) MAULDIN was born in 1909 in College Station, Brazos County, Texas. She was married to (351)Virgil “Rip” MAULDIN who was born in 1909 in Texas. It is not known if they had any children.

335    Bruce CARROLL was born on 30 June, 1904 in Brazos County, Texas, and was married to (521) Rachel (Crenshaw) CARROLL of Bryan, Texas on 2 April, 1927.

336    Gladys (Carroll) CRENSHAW was born on 18 Sept., 1906 in Brazos County, Texas, and was married to (522) Perry T. CRENSHAW. They settled on Galveston Island.  Gladys died in 1984.  Their children were:
+2101    Virginia Ruth (Crenshaw) RAWLINS
(others unknown)

338      Johnny Dee (Carroll) JOLLY was born on 5 Jan., 1920 in Brazos County, Texas, and was married on 18 Aug., 1939 to (524)Joel E.  JOLLY

339    Ruth (Carroll) HERBERT was born on 5 Sept., 1912 in Brazos County, Texas, and was married on 23 Dec., 1931 to (1453)Preston F. HERBERT

340      Fannie Mae CARROLL was born on 1 May, 1915 in Brazos County, Texas, and was married on 8 Aug., 1934 to (1454 ) Allen P. BLACK

342       Arvil Franklin CARSON (see photo album) was born on 5 May, 1910 and died in April, 1987 in Brazos County, Texas.  He was married to (395) Thelma Alice (Payne) CARSON on 20 Jan., 1929. He was a staff sergeant in the US Army during World War II, having trained at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, and served in the European Theater of Operations.  He was awarded the ETO Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal, and 4 battle stars.  He was discharged in 1945.  In 1967 he was living in Bryan, Texas.  He had attended Allen Academy in Bryan, Brazos County, Texas. They had no children.

343       Archibald Hugh CARSON (see photo album) was born 1 April, 1915. He was a graduate of Allen Academy and attended Texas A&M (1937, Mechanical Engineering) in Brazos County, Texas. He enlisted in the US Navy at the age of 17-1/2 and eventually became  a lieutenant during World War II.  He trained at Norfolk, Virginia, and served in Alaska, Hawaii  Saipan, and was involved in several attacks on the island of Midway.  He was trained to fly PBY’s, and his log books indicate that he flew 3,450 hour of flight time in all types of aircraft. He was awarded the Air Medal, Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal, and the American Defense Medal. (Before joining the Navy, he changed his name from Archibald Hughes to Archie Hugh). He died in 2001 in El Cajon, California (near San Diego).   When jet aircraft came in he decided to retire, with the rank of Commander.  He joined Convair in San Diego a year later.  Convair was building the Atlas missile at that time.  Several years later he retired and lived in El Cajon until his death on 20 Sept., 2000, of an infection resulting from a catheter left inside during an operation at a Navy hospital. He was married to (526) Elizabeth Jane (Chisum) CARSON on24 Nov., 1940 . She died on 9 Dec., 2006 in Scottsdale, Arizona, after a long period of dialysis. They had one child:
+527    Allen Hughes CARSON

344      Thomas Bibb CARSON was born on 17 Oct., 1920 and attended Bryan High School, Bryan, Brazos County, Texas. He entered the US Army in 1942, trained at Little Rock, Arkansas, and served as a corporal in the European Theater of Operations.  He was awarded the ATO Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal, and Victory Ribbon.  In 1967 he was a Master Sergeant in the US Air Force, stationed in Fairfield, Calif0rnia. He was married to (528) Ray Dell (Smith) CARSON on 16 Nov., 1941. He died on 14 May, 2000 in Bossier City, Louisiana.  and was buried in Rose-Neath Cemetery with full military honors. They had lived in Bossier City since 1966, and were members of Barksdale Baptist ChurchThey had two children:
727    Thomas Franklin CARSON Jr.., born 25 Nov., 1947 in Brazos County, Texas.
He is married to (1752) Dianne (Unknown) CARSON
728    Barbara Ray (Carson) HEWITT, born 13 Feb., 1949 in Brazos County, Texas.
She was married to (1751) Garry HEWITT

345      Jessie Verna (Carson) WILLIAMS (see photo album) was married to (409) Curtis C. Williams on 5 Sept., 1926 in Bryan, Brazos County, Texas.  They had one daughter:
418    Genevieve Hope WILLIAMS was born on 24 July, 1934

346       Curtis Royster CARSON was born on 20 Dec., 1912, and died on 31 May, 1936.  He was married to (533) Ruth Ardell (DeHart) CARSON.  Their only known child was:
534    Sandra Lee CARSON was born on 31 Dec., 1940 in Brazos County, Texas

349     Jessie Oleta (Phipps) SESSIONS was born 27 Oct., 1910 in Brazos County, Texas, and attended A&M Consolidated School. She died in Angelina County, Texas on 29 April, 1984.  She was married to (959) Hugh Sessions of Wells, Texas on 22 Dec., 1929. Hugh was in the Texas A&M class of 1930.  He owned a substantial amount of land near Wells, Texas, but was “land rich and cash poor”. He had terminal cancer and died in the late 1960’s, apparently of suicide (shotgun). Their children were:
+960   William Aaron SESSIONS
961      Mary Catherine (Sessions) OLDHAM  was born on 18 May, 1933
962      David Hugh Sessions was born on 1 Feb., 1936
963      Larry Kyle SESSIONS was born 30 Sept., 1939 and died on 21 Feb., 1991
964      Gale Bart SESSIONS was born on 27 Feb., 1943
965      Amber Imasue (Sessions) SMITH was born on 21 Feb., 1944
966      Clifford SESSIONS was born on 17 July, 1946 and died on Feb., 27 May, 1987

350     David Bartlett (Bart) PHIPPS was born in Brazos County, and attende Texas A & M College, majoring in Industrial Education.  Because of the depression, he had to work to help support the family, and at the start of World War II both he and his brother Virgil (957) were working as pipefitters at Dow Chemical.  He served in the Seabees and went to the South Pacific.  He returned to Bryan and College Station and worked for the Texas A&M Extension Service as State Plumbing and Pipe Trades coordinator,  and was also an instructor at the A&M fire fighters training school. He was married to 2149 Alice (Lippold) PHIPPS.  David died in about 1961 or 1962 and Alice died on 29 June, 1983. They had one son,
+2150   James Bartlett PHIPPS

Another son, (2188) David PHIPPS, died at birth in about 1952 and is buried in the family plot in Bryan

957     Virgil Barto PHIPPS was born in Brazos County.  He worked for Texas A&M as an instructor at the A&M fire fighters training school.  In 1960 Virgil became the first full time fire chief for College Station, Texas. He mounted a pump on a fire truck that served as the regional model for grass fire fighting in that area, and put out a large grass fire in Bryan near the current St. Joseph’s Hospital and prevented a disaster.  Both he and his brother Bart (350) were well liked and did little or nothing to self promote themselves.  They both were State of Texas Civil Defense Rescue volunteers manning the only Civil Defense Rescue truck in Texas, which was used fro training and for back-up rescue.  That was his last job, as well as his brother Bart’s, both passing away as employees of A&M at College Station. He married (2187) Evelyn (Kohler) PHIPPS. Evelyn was Roman Catholic, and Virgil converted from Methodist.  They had two sons:
+2189    “Butch” PHIPPS
2190    “Bernie” PHIPPS

958    Jack Allen PHIPPS was born in Brazos County.  He was mentally handicapped and resided in the Texas state schools for many years.  He was a hard worker and was well liked by everyone he knew. He died on 31 Dec., 1998 in Angelina County, Texas.


527    Allen Hughes CARSON was born 15 Sept., 1941, and is retired after teaching  high school for 33 years.  He was married to (2338) Juanita (Zarilla) CARSON and they had two children:
+2330    Marla Lee (Carson) CHARROUX
+2332    Marcus Allen CARSON

He later married (1753) Dianna (Unknown) CARSON and in 2003 they were living in El Cajon, California.

960    William Aaron SESSIONS was born in Pollok, Angelina County, Texas on 4 Oct., 1930. He was employed by the Texas Highway Department for 33 years in Houston, Texas, and upon retirement, he returned to Pollok, where he now resides. He was married to (370) Mary Jane (Price) SESSIONS on 16 Oct., 1949.  Their children are:
+371    Deborah Lynn (Sessions) CARLSON
372      Crystal Lynn SESSIONS was born on 8 April, 1968, and is not married.

2101    Virginia Ruth (Crenshaw) RAWLINS married (2102) James Henry RAWLINS. They had three children:
2103    James Michael RAWLINS was born on 1 Dec., 1949 and died on 2 June, 1984
2104    Richard Lynn RAWLINS was born on 14 August, 1951
+ 2105  Robbie Arlene RAWLINS

2150   James Bartlett Sr. PHIPPS was born in 1947 in Bryan, Brazos County, Texas, and was raised there. He was in the Corps at Texas A&M and graduated with an BS in Engineering Technology in about 1970.  From A&M he became an armor officer and was assigned to Fort Hood, Texas.  He volunteered for Vietnam in 1971 and was awarded the Bronze Star in 1972 for service there.  After his military service, he returned to A&M and received his MS in Engineering Technology in about 1976.  He subsequently served in the Texas Army National Guard until about 1990He married (2151) Linda Ellen (Onstott) PHIPPS, on 14 Feb., 1970.  They had three children:
+2152  Krystina Susanne (Phipps) KAGAN
2132  James Bartlett PHIPPS

James (senior) divorced and later married  (2155) Laura Alice (Flukinger) PHIPPS. They had one child:
2156 Travis Barton PHIPPS was born on 15 June, 1986

He married (2186) Royanne (Menegay) PHIPPS after 1992.  She attended The University of Texas and was a cheerleader there.

2189    “Butch” PHIPPS was born about 1937 and is a plumber.

2190    “Bernie” PHIPPS was born about 1948 had been a firefighter and was living in Bryan, Texas in 2007.


371    Deborah Lynn (Sessions) CARLSON was born on 11 Oct., 1955, and married (373) Ronald W. CARLSON on 21 Oct., 1978.  He was born on 12 Nov., 1955.  They have no children.

105  Robbie Arlene (Rawlins)  EMERICK was born on 18 August, 1954, and married (2119) Michael E. Emerick on 4 Oct., 1976.  They have two daughters:
+2106  Tracy (Emerick) VASQUEZ
2127   Stacy Arlene EMERICK

2152  Krystina Susanne (Phipps) KAGAN married (2153) Joshua KAGAN. As of 2006, they were living in Austin, Travis County, Texas.

2132  James Bartlett PHIPPS II was born 16 Jan., 1974.  He is married to (2154) Mandi Marie (Verret) PHIPPS. He graduated from SWOLE Technical Community College with an AS in Process Engineering Tecchnology and currently is employed at Citgo Petroleum, Lake Charles as a Process Operator.   She was born in (unk) in (unk). She is a graduate of McNeese State University with an MS in Education Technology. She is a school teacher at Henning Elementary in Sulphur, Louisiana, where they reside.  They have two children:
2340  Addie Rose PHIPPS,
 born 05/08/2002
2341  Logan James PHIPPS, 
born 12/15/2005

2330   Marla Lee (Carson) CHARROUX was born on 30 July, 1970.  She is married to (2331) Rodger CHARROUX, who was born in 1967.  They were married on Sept. 14, 1996 and in 2008 were living in LaVerne, California.  Roger is an Electrical Engineer for Aerospace Corp., and Marla is an Independent Contractor, working from home. They have no children.

2332   Marcus Allen CARSON was born on Feb. 24, 1965, and is married to (2333) Jamie (Sumrow) CARSON.  They live in Santa Maria, California (2008). They have four children,
2334    Kyle CARSON
2335    Lauren CARSON
2336    Alyse CARSON
2337    Emily CARSON


2106  Tracy (Emerick) VASQUEZ was born on 5 May, 1977.  She married (212) James VASQUEZ
on 11 Dec., 1999 and divorced on 6 Dec., 2003.  In 2005 she was living in Santa Fe, Texas, near Galveston, and is a new accounts representative in a bank.  She enjoys reading, movies, music, and she has a busy life raising three children, who are,
2124    Vivian Leigh VASQUEZ who was born 18 March, 1998
2125    James Evans VASQUEZ, Jr. who was born 23 April, 1999
2126    Savannah Nicole VASQUEZ who was born 10 May, 2001

2127   Stacy Arlene EMERICK was born on 4 Sept., 1980 and has two children:
2128    Richard Michael “Mikey” EMERICK was born 1 November, 1999
2129    Madison Arlene Rose EMERICK was born 16 May, 2001




1.    Family Bible of Lucy Catherine Carson and Curtis Abernathy Carson.

2.    Research by R.R. Royall, formerly of Houston, Texas (unpublished 17 April, 1967)

3.    Personal communication from Tracy Vasquez (2106), October, 2005.

4.   Personal communication from James Phipps (2150), Dec., 2006

5.  Personal communication with Marla Lee (Carson) Charrous (2330), fall, 2008




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