Note that the question mark after the Gibson is because it appears in only one file in Ancestry.Com, their World Family Tree. It is never been seen in any other document, and is to be considered as a “possible”.

The information below was obtained off the internet, and the accuracy is not guaranteed.  However, as it appears reasonable, and agrees with clues from other sources, it will be considered correct until other information is obtained with better documentation.

This shows that the Brazos County Carsons are connected to the Thomas G(?) Carson family of South Carolina and Georgia as well as to Kit Carson.

DNA analysis has proven kinship of Alan B. CARSON, the webmaster (chapter 8) and both William Waller CARSON IV and Culley CARSON III (both chapter 2), verifying that John C. CARSON and Thomas Gibson (?) CARSON had a common ancestor – most likely Robert Alexander CARSON (this chapter)


4     Eleanor (Gordan) McDUFF died in Rowan County, North Carolina.  She was married to (1267) Unknown McDUFF.  He died in Rowan County, North Carolina.  Their known child was:
+3   Eleanor Jane (McDuff) CARSON


1797    Robert Alexander CARSON was born on 12 June, 1652 in East Wilmarnock, Scotland, and died on 14 Sept., 1724 in Londonderry, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. He was married to (3) Eleanor Jane (McDuff) CARSON.  She was born 17 May, 1652 in Wilmarnock , Scotland, Their children were:
+1      Alexander Harvey CARSON
1796  Robert Andrew CARSON


   Alexander Harvey CARSON was born in 1685 in Londonderry, County, Tyrone, Northern Ireland and died either in Philadelphia or York, Pennsylvania and died in 1769  at the age of 84.  He was thought to be a Presbyterian clergyman. He was married to Sarah (Dickey) CARSON in 1709 , who was born in 1687 and died in 1717. The known children of Alexander Harvey CARSON were:
+2      William Calvin CARSON
1263 John B. CARSON was born in Ulster in 1710 and died there in 1800 
1264 Samuel CARSON was born in 1712 in Ulster, Ireland and died on 28 Sept., 1759
in Pleasant Township, York County Pennsylvania               
1265 James CARSON was born in 1717 in Bradnich, England, and died about 1802 
1266 Alexander Harvey Jr. CARSON

1796 Robert Andrew CARSON was born on 14 Dec., 1674 in East Wilmarnock, Scotland, and died on 11 Oct., 1742 in Londonderry, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.  The name of his wife is not known.  One of their children is believed to be:
+6     Thomas Gibson (?) CARSON Sr.  


   William Calvin CARSON was born in Ulster, Northern Ireland on either 22 or 27 June, 1682 in either Scotland or Ireland and died on 11 Nov., 1748 in Iredell County, North Carolina. One of his children was:
+1800  Lindsay CARSON, father of Christopher “Kit” CARSON

1264 Samuel Sr. CARSON was born in 1712 in Ulster, Ireland and died on 28 Sept., 1759
in Colony Down, Pennsylvania.  He was married to (1799) Janet (Unknown) CARSON in 1758.  She was born in 1716 in Northern Ireland

1266 Alexander Harvey Jr. CARSON was born about 1718 in America, possibly Philadelphia, and died about 1800.  The name of his wife is unknown.  One of their children was:
    +17   John Sr. CARSON 

1796 Robert Andrew CARSON was born on 14 Dec., 1674 in East Wilmarnock, Scotland, and died on 11 Oct., 1742 in Londonderry, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.  The name of his wife is not known.  One of their children is believed to be:
    +6   Thomas Gibson (?) CARSON Sr.


6     Thomas Gibson (?) CARSON Sr. was born in 1710 in County Down, Ireland. It was said to be in a small town, now deserted, at the foot of some mountains, not far from Newry, County Down, Ireland. He immigrated in 1773 to Charleston, SC from Newry, Ulster, Ireland, sailing in the ship “Elliott” on June 30 and arriving on Aug. 20, 1773.  It was a hard trip, and storms added sailing time. It is said it took four months to cross from Ireland to America. There were about 40 people in the group, including McGoughs and McDowells, who were all friends and neighbors.

The family originally settled in the Abbeville district of South Carolina, which was heavily Scotch-Irish. He was in the military in 1780 and 1781 in Georgia and Tennessee, serving as a horseman in Captain Joseph Carson’s Company of the South Carolina Militia, and participated in the battles of Rocky Mount and Hanging Rock under Colonel William Bratton. He was certified as a Revolutionary War Soldier by Colonel Elijah Clarke and received bounty land in Washington County for his services. Georgia sources show he served in the Battalion of Minute Men. He applied for an invalid soldier’s pension. His home was burned by the Tories during the Revolutionary War.

He was in Wilkes County GA in 1785. He signed a will on 1 Sept., 1789 In Wilkes Co., GA. “Will of THOMAS CARSON of Wilkes Co. and State of Georgia, being sick and weake of my son WILLIAM who lives in South Carolina a Negro woman to be given him after my deceased of my beloved wife MARGET(sic) CARSON. The half of the survey or tract of land whereon I now live I give to my son THOMAS (that is the lower part lying down on the river) son JOHN shall have at his mothers death the half of all my stock of every kind…to my son DAVID the plantation whereon I now live (i.e.) the upper half including the plantation and mansion together with 2 decease of my wife…to my son ADAM the other half of my stock and the child of my Negro pat who appears to be pregnant…to my dau. ELIZABETH my Negro boy and a Negro which is due me from Edmond Daniell and George Reid together with black mare now in his possession, and ½ of my house furn…at decease of my wife…the other half of house furn. To belong to my son DAVID…to my son JOSEPH a tract of land cont. 200 acres lying on Richland Creek in Greene County…Appt’s my two sons JOHN CARSON and DAVID CARSON to be Exors…Signed: THO. CARSON. Wit: bef. Wm. Phillips. Rachel Dunn and JEAN CARSON. Rec. 10 July 1791. He died on 10 July, 1799 in Wilkes Co., GA.

He was married to (7) Margaret (McDowell) CARSON on 12 Aug., 1734 in Tyrone County, Northern Ireland. Margaret (McDowell) CARSON was born on 12 June 1713 in Tyrone Co., Ulster, Ireland. She died on 16 Dec., 1794 and is buried in the Greensboro Cemetery, Greene Co., GA. Both she and Thomas Gibson(?) Carson Sr. were believed to be Presbyterian. Children of Thomas Gibson(?) And Margaret (McDowell) CARSON were:
+8     William A. Sr. CARSON
    +9     Thomas  C. Jr. CARSON
    +10   John William CARSON
    +11    Adam C. CARSON
    +12    David CARSON
    +13    Joseph CARSON
Elizabeth (Carson) McDOWELL

17   John Sr. CARSON is believed to be the father of John C. Carson of Brazos County, Texas.  See chapter 3.

1800  Lindsey CARSON was born in 1754 and died in 1818.  He was married to (1801)  Lucy Bradley CARSON.  He was the father of (1802) Christopher (Kit) CARSON.


1.     Private correspondence from Bill Moore quoting Ervin R. Hillhouse:  Received 18 Feb., 1998. Note that Hillhouse was a retired navy Chief Petty Officer who made an extensive study of the Carson family genealogy. He died in1992, and supposedly destroyed all of his documentation prior to his death. All of his research was done prior to the internet, and he used personal contacts and the postal service for his information.

2.     GEDCOM file from, file 49177, downloaded 3/27/00 from HYPERLINK mailto: “

3.     Thomas Carson Sr. family Bible. This Bible was in the possession of Mary Jane Carson Hicks, but was destroyed when the Aretus Williams Hicks’ home burned on 17 Dec., 1920.

4.     Greene Co., GA Misc. Records, Book A, 1787 – 1801, pages 64 – 65.

5.    “The McGough Family Page”, Website address:  This family was on the ship from Ireland to America, and there was a considerable amount of intermarriage between the McGough and Carson families.  This website is very interesting from the standpoint of history of the Scotch-Irish people as well as our family. Note that there are several other McGough family websites with information on the Carsons and their neighbors in the early days. Another source on the McGough (pronounced “Magoo”) family is:

6.    “Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution”, Bobby Gilmer Moss, Limestone College, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1983 (page 151).

7    Greene County Georgia Miscellaneous Records, Book A, 1787 – 1801 (pages 64 & 65).

8.    URL:

9.   The South Carolina Advertiser and General Magazine, Aug. 20, 1773.  Information
on ships arriving in Charleston, SC.  See:

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12.  Family records, William Waller Carson, Knoxville, Tenn., 1845 – 1930, LSU Library, bound manuscript, Mss. #2919.

13.  Information on the family of Kit Carson from



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